RIP Duke Ellington and RIP AdorableYawningPugs

Hi, everyone. It’s me. The “human-servant” of Dr. Chazz and Professor Duke. I’m just here to say that I don’t really use this blog anymore. I totally invite you to look at the stuff I (I mean, Chazz and Duke) posted here before. I just want to say that this blog is kind of dead and I probably won’t be posting new things here. Also, I’d like to just take a moment to remember Professor Duke Ellington, my older pug who died 4 years ago.

RIP Ellington


He was a great pug and a great pet and he gave me great joy when I was younger. I still have trouble thinking about him without crying. I was devastated when he died but he died peacefully, in his sleep. Even if my memories will fade, I will never forget how much I loved that dog.


Related Pugs

I, Dr. Chazz, feel it fit to talk a bit about Professor Duke and my friends. Thus, here you go:

Name: Buttercup

Species: Pug (very, very tiny pug despite her being my same age)

Color: Buttercup (yellowish, looks like me)

Description: Buttercup is my friend. Professor Duke is not very fond of her. She’s very cute and small. She’s also very strange. She thinks that my old human-servants named me Charles and they just spelled the short version, Chaz, wrong. She’s very spunky.

Name: Ruby

Species: Pug

Color: Grey

Description: Ruby is Professor Duke’s old girlfriend. Ruby and Duke are now long gone but their memories will remain with us.

Name: Mr. Lunch

Species: Pug

Color: Unknown

Description: I don’t know much about Mr. Lunch. All I know is that Duke and Mr. Lunch ran away together when they were young.

Name: Kitty

Species: Cat

Color: Black and white

Description: Kitty is my human-servants’ old cat. He died. Duke used to play with him but he wasn’t very fond of Duke. Much like the Spongebob Squarepants characters Spongebob and Squidward.