RIP Duke Ellington and RIP AdorableYawningPugs

Hi, everyone. It’s me. The “human-servant” of Dr. Chazz and Professor Duke. I’m just here to say that I don’t really use this blog anymore. I totally invite you to look at the stuff I (I mean, Chazz and Duke) posted here before. I just want to say that this blog is kind of dead and I probably won’t be posting new things here. Also, I’d like to just take a moment to remember Professor Duke Ellington, my older pug who died 4 years ago.

RIP Ellington


He was a great pug and a great pet and he gave me great joy when I was younger. I still have trouble thinking about him without crying. I was devastated when he died but he died peacefully, in his sleep. Even if my memories will fade, I will never forget how much I loved that dog.

Related Pugs

I, Dr. Chazz, feel it fit to talk a bit about Professor Duke and my friends. Thus, here you go:

Name: Buttercup

Species: Pug (very, very tiny pug despite her being my same age)

Color: Buttercup (yellowish, looks like me)

Description: Buttercup is my friend. Professor Duke is not very fond of her. She’s very cute and small. She’s also very strange. She thinks that my old human-servants named me Charles and they just spelled the short version, Chaz, wrong. She’s very spunky.

Name: Ruby

Species: Pug

Color: Grey

Description: Ruby is Professor Duke’s old girlfriend. Ruby and Duke are now long gone but their memories will remain with us.

Name: Mr. Lunch

Species: Pug

Color: Unknown

Description: I don’t know much about Mr. Lunch. All I know is that Duke and Mr. Lunch ran away together when they were young.

Name: Kitty

Species: Cat

Color: Black and white

Description: Kitty is my human-servants’ old cat. He died. Duke used to play with him but he wasn’t very fond of Duke. Much like the Spongebob Squarepants characters Spongebob and Squidward.

Pug Philosophy

Pug Philosophy

By Dr. Chazz

Chapter 2

The Smells And Sounds of The Pug

Today we shall review some basic pug etiquette. It is extremely important that a pug smells horrible (even one day after a bath) and makes annoying and weird noises very often. Times when you can make weird noises are:

1. When your favorite human-servant leaves and you miss them.

2. When your human-servants are trying to make you sit with them but you already have a wonderfully warm spot in the sun to sit in.

3. When your human-servants are clipping your nails.

4. When your human-servants are forcing you to take a cold bath.

5. Any other time that you see fit.

But, you shouldn’t make noises like: “Bow wow wow” or “Bark, bark” (unless your human-servants are home) instead you should make noises such as: “Baaaaaaaw! Aaaaaaw!! Maaaaah!”, “Ow, ow, ow! Grawg!”, or simply scream like a human-servant.

When you have been forced to take a bath by your human-servants you must regain your stinkyness. It is average for a fully-grown pug to regain his stinkyness one day after the bath. Puppy’s usually regain their stinkyness 5 minutes after the bath.

Dr. Chazz

Hello, Dr. Chazz here, and, today I would like to talk about my new blog. It’s just for myself. It’s called Dr. Chazz, all you have to do is type dr. chazz blog and the second one that shows up is mine or you can use this handy link:

I haven’t put much on it yet but I will soon. Thank you for reading and good day.