4 thoughts on “Ask Dr. Chazz And Professor Duke”

  1. Dear Dr. Chazz and Prof. Duke

    What do you think the best method to eat kibble is? Because every pug gets at least two bowls of kibble each day and there are different forms of eating it. I would like a separate answer from both of you.

    From Curious Kibble Eater


    1. Dear Curious Kibble Eater

      I prefer to gulp down my food as fast as I can so no pug else can get to it Signed Dr. Chazz

      Dear Curious Kibble Eater

      In my old age I lost my teeth so I would gulp down my food, pausing in between kibbles to taste the flavor a bit on my tongue. Before I lost my teeth I preferred to eat kibble more slowly so I can really taste it.

      Yours Truly Professor Duke


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