The Weekly Pug


This is Reporter Chazz from The Weekly Pug! The Weekly Pug is a newspaper that is every week. Check every week for a new funnies, Pugstrology, news, and ads! Table Of Contents:

The Funnies: A page in which Reporter Chazz will tell jokes.

Pugstrology: A page in which Reporter Duke will tell your fortune using Pugstrology.

The News: A page in which Reporter Chazz will talk about the news.

Ads: A page with fake ads.

The Funnies:

One day I was walking along and I saw a gigantic kibble and I jumped on it and started trying to eat but then after a whirlwind of teeth and claws I realized is was just a guy dressed up as a kibble.

Yesterday, my Human-Servants were pretending I was a stove and I got kind of tired so I said to them, “Guys, I’m all BURNT out!”

Please tell me if you have anymore jokes you can tell me.


January-February: You’re Pugicious, the spotted pug, today you’re feeling lucky. You’re food will taste good and you might even like the taste of your water. You might find that who you think is your greatest friend is actually your greatest enemy.

March-April: You’re Pugimous, the black-colored pug, today you’re feeling down. You’re food might taste soggy and you might even have a fight with a friend. All in all, your day will probably be better tomorrow.

May-June: You’re Kibblisic, the fawn-colored pug, today you’re feeling happy. You’re food will probably taste the same as usual and you might meet some new friends on your walk.

July-August: You’re Kibbly, the apricot-colored pug, today you’re feeling excited. You’re food might taste extra good and you might be waiting for an exciting thing to happen.

September-October: You’re Pugrocious, the striped pug, today it might be better to stay inside. You’re food might taste damp and you might feel anticipating of tomorrow.

November-December: You’re Kibblim, the white-colored pug, today you feel the same as usual. You’re food probably won’t taste any different from yesterday’s food and probably nothing new will happen.

The News: Today, a pug was in a bookstore that kindly allows animals. Thank you, bookstore. That’s it.


Smooth talking fawn-colored middle-aged pug looking for companion. Must like snorting, eating, and sleeping. Meet at local bookstore.

Pug-Friendly Bookstore: We’re pug friendly and FOOD friendly! Come on down and eat up!

Thank you for reading this if you have any suggestions please tell us. Signing off for the first time, Reporter Duke and Reporter Chazz.

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