Chazzio And Goldiet #1: Meeting

Hello, Dr. Chazz here and this is my new blog about me and my girlfriend, Goldie. Please, read on! Know, this is all fact based. Today something amazing happened. My human-servants took me to the farm down the road. There was a fenced in area that had goats in it. I sniffed the fence. There was a beautiful golden goat named Goldie who came up to me. I talked with her and then I kissed her. She was amazing but her parents got mad that she was with me. Well, she left, but she’s my new girlfriend. Don’t think this is some silly tale or something that I made up because it’s true. I have a photo. I’ll treasure this photo forever.


I know it’s on it’s side but I’m not very good at tech. I’m only a pug, after all. But, it’s still us. Her family doesn’t like me but I don’t care! We can make it together! I’m sure about it! Well, that’s all for today but I’ll post one addition to our love story each day so stay tuned. Thanks for reading!

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