Chazzio And Goldiet #2: Another Date

Well, today one of my servant-humans brought me to see Goldie, again. We were so happy! It was a very nice date. We talked and had a lot of fun. We didn’t kiss this time but we still had a lot of fun together. I love Goldie. I’ve had girlfriends before. I remember Penny the pug. She was once my girlfriend but it didn’t end well. I’m happy that it ended, though, because if it didn’t it would’ve ended with me cheating on Penny. Anyway, I love Goldie. Her family is really big, too. I’ll try and talk about all of them. Goldie’s sister is Darkie. Darkie looks like Goldie except that Goldie has golden fur and Darkie has brown fur. Darkie and Goldie also have two parents who I just call Mr. And Mrs. Goldie’s parents. I think there are more but I’ll have to check one more time to see.

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