Chazzio And Goldiet #5: Getting Over It

I’ve been trying to get over Goldie. Also, I talked with a pretty little orange chicken! She was a beauty! Well, I’m hesitating to jump into these relationships so fast. But, one of my servant-humans still isn’t sure we’re quite over. GET OVER IT, WE’RE DONE! Anyway, I posted a personal add on! And a one-eyed female pug responded! Wow, another one-eyed pug! Well, she’s adorable! What a woman! I asked to get to know her and I’m waiting for her to respond! I’m thinking I might open a Dog Dating website! Wouldn’t that be cool? Anyway, I’m looking for this blog that a friend of mine made. My friend’s name is Dudley but I forgot the name of his blog and now I can’t find it. That’s WONDERFUL. I don’t have the patience for this type of stuff. WORK, GOOGLE, WORK! Wait, Google sounds like a brand of kibble…mmm…kibble…

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