Pug Philosophy

Pug Philosophy

By Dr. Chazz

Chapter 2

The Smells And Sounds of The Pug

Today we shall review some basic pug etiquette. It is extremely important that a pug smells horrible (even one day after a bath) and makes annoying and weird noises very often. Times when you can make weird noises are:

1. When your favorite human-servant leaves and you miss them.

2. When your human-servants are trying to make you sit with them but you already have a wonderfully warm spot in the sun to sit in.

3. When your human-servants are clipping your nails.

4. When your human-servants are forcing you to take a cold bath.

5. Any other time that you see fit.

But, you shouldn’t make noises like: “Bow wow wow” or “Bark, bark” (unless your human-servants are home) instead you should make noises such as: “Baaaaaaaw! Aaaaaaw!! Maaaaah!”, “Ow, ow, ow! Grawg!”, or simply scream like a human-servant.

When you have been forced to take a bath by your human-servants you must regain your stinkyness. It is average for a fully-grown pug to regain his stinkyness one day after the bath. Puppy’s usually regain their stinkyness 5 minutes after the bath.

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