About Professor Duke


I am Professor Duke. I am an elderly, male, fawn, pug. I’m not alive, anymore. But, my life goes on in my pictures and in the hearts of my family and my former younger brother and apprentice, Chazz. I am happy to see my apprentice become a doctor. Unlike my apprentice, I work well with both, dogs, and humans. I might post a bit on pugs, myself. My story is a thrilling one, according to my apprentice, but, I do not think it so thrilling. I was a puppy in a small cage, sickly, looking for a home, sad. I was saved by my ‘owners,’ I prefer to call them my family, and brought to a wonderful home where I starred in a dramatic movie called “The Pug-Hikers’ Guide To The Galaxy” and I lived a wonderful life. You can also see my apprentice’s bio if you click on ‘About Dr. Chazz.’ Thank you for reading my bio.

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